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Captain Skills will make Students Graduating fully aware of the employment opportunities in Banks, Railways, Defence, Insurance, Police Forces, other Central / State governments / Private Sector.

Captain Skills will Guide, Train and Coach the students for success at competitive exams.

Few of the opportunities after Class XII, Graduation and Post Graduation to become Class I Officers, Officers and Others are as under,

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Class XII (MPC)
a) NDA & NA / TES Army : Free BA / B.Sc / B.Com / B.E. & Class I Officer (Defence)
b) SCRA : Free B.E. & Class I Officer (Railways)
Graduation (BA/BSc/B.Com/BE/Dip in Engg)
a) Banks : Probationary Officers / Clerks
b) Insurance : AAO’S /Assistants
c) CDS : Class I Officer (Army/Air Force/Navy)
d) CAPF (AC) : Class I Officer ( CRPF/BSF/CISF/ITBP/SSB)
e) TGE Army : Class I Officer (Army)
f) SSC : Officers /Jr Engineers /Assistants
g) Railways : Jr Engineers / Jr Officers/ Clerks
Post Graduation (MA/MSc/MCom/MBA/LL.B)
a) Banking : Specialist Officers
b) TGE / AEC / JAG : Class I Officer (Army)

We also train for entry level / Jr Officer Jobs in Railways, Defence, Police, Central & State Governments etc for Class X / XII / Graduates.

Captain Skills will train, improve, hone up and arm the aspiring students with necessary skills to join the Private Sector.

Campus Recruitment Training, BPO Training, Communication Skills, Customer Care, Executive Development Skills are few of the programs conducted to make students ready for Software / IT Companies, BPO’s, Private Banks, Retail, Hospitality, E-Commerce etc.

Competitive exams are held not only to measure knowledge, skills, aptitude, psychology etc of a test taker but also the speed, response time, accuracy etc thereby enabling the assessor to identify the best.

If time restriction was not there most of the test takers will solve all the questions. But the need of the hour and requirement is speed and accuracy. Unless and until one is thorough with the subject, concepts and has undergone unlimited practice repeat unlimited practice, of each and every topic one will not be in the best.

Captain Skills will make every one practice, practice and practice, thus paving the way for selection.

Business Process Outsourcing that started in India in 90’s has grown by leaps and bounds. BPO boom in India is due to availability of huge skilled talent and English speaking professionals. The services offered by Indian BPO Companies are Customer Support, Telemarketing, Technical Support, Insurance processing, Knowledge processing, Legal processing, data and forms processing, Billing, Book keeping and accounting, Web, Online and Internet research. BPO Sector offers huge opportunities to qualified and skilled.

Captain Skills will Train and hone up the Communication Skills, Etiquettes, Domain knowledge, Technical Knowledge etc that are required for BPO Industry.

Captain Skills will guide and help you for a career in BPO industry.

MBA originated in 1900’s in US when huge Industries were set up and there was a need for scientific approach in managing them. MBA Programme covers various areas of business with relevance to Management Strategy and Analysis.

MBA will not only pave the way for better jobs but also good career with high levels of income, security, growth, challenges etc. MBA will definitely give you an edge.

Captain Skills will not only prepare you for MBA entrance but will also guide you to choose right specialisation at the right institute.

Whatever the Qualifications may be, if one doesn’t have the requisite Right Skills, Right Aptitude, Right Attitude and Right Thinking, it’s of no use and will lead them nowhere.

Communication Skills, Work Skills, Life Skills, Career Skills are mandatory. The earlier you learn them, implement them and use them the better it is.

Captain Skills will Coach, Train and Hone up Soft Skill sets required for everyone.